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Client Testimonials

My firm has established a reputation for outstanding service and commitment to clients. I am proud of the positive influence I have had on my clients’ lives and am grateful to share their words of praise.

Mr. Heaney represented me in a complex misdemeanor matter that required more than twelve months to resolve and concluded with a complete dismissal of all charges upon very favorable terms. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable concerning both the law and the criminal justice/court system, and has a positive relationship with the district attorney’s office. Mr. Heaney was always available to discuss my case and was willing to listen to my ideas and concerns. He clearly and patiently explained the pros and cons, including the risks, of the trial and settlement options available to me. I recommend Mr. Heaney enthusiastically and without reservation. 

Tom, T

Kevin did an amazing job. He turned a nightmare into a really manageable situation. Without going into detail, I was facing some complications due to my record that would have made for a lengthy and grand problem. He was able to get it mitigated and really came away amazing, compared to where we started. Worth every penny and more. I feel that the work he did was more than commensurate for what he charged me. I will use him in the future and I would recommend him to family and friends.


Amazing honest and efficient lawyer! Kevin knows the ins and outs of the criminal system. He is the definitely the guy to have on your side. I won’t go into the details of the case, but my brother got involve in a domestic violent situation and we needed a good Marin lawyer that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg to take his case.

I was referred to Kevin by a friend of mine. I noticed on the initial phone consultation that he really wanted to help. We were able to work out a very reasonable price for the handling of the case, so we hired him. Kevin worked hard since day one, and he got my bro a very good deal with the DA. Our family is thankful to have hired him.


I contacted Kevin when I needed legal representation in a case which I felt required a high level of client service and representation. He was always right there for me when I needed him, whether it was showing up early for hearings, to the individualized attention I received at the courthouse, and having private meetings in his office anytime, as often as needed without any rescheduling. Kevin approached my case with care and made me feel comfortable as he took the time to thoroughly review my case history, explain my options to me, and was readily available and responsive when I had questions or just needed to talk to him. He treated my case with genuine care and attention it deserved and my case results certainly reflected his strong personal and professional attributes. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Kevin again if the need arises.


I received the best possible outcome by giving my case to Kevin Heaney. He fought for me the entire way until he got my case dismissed!
I have never come across a lawyer that cares so much about his clients or what happens to them. His rates are very affordable and he is open to negotiate the numbers. It is clear that he wants to help. Kevin knows his stuff and he is on top of it. He is also very personable, kept me in the loop of things throughout the process and always returned my calls and emails.

I am grateful and lucky to have found Kevin. He is a true professional and knows how to get it done.


I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on getting Luis Correa’s case dismissed. You were very efficient and with minimal stress to Mr Correa. He had full confidence in you and you made it very easy for him to put this case in your hands. The fact that he only had to meet with you a few times and only able to provide you with minimal information he had on his case was a blessing that you were able to get the case dismissed! You know your stuff! Thank you once again and Mr Correa is very pleased with the outcome and can get on with his life without this case over him.


Kevin has provided me with the best possible representation a client could expect. I have worked with many lawyers but Kevin is a league apart. His calm and understated demeanor belie his ability and effectiveness. Kevin is an outstanding attorney, he has a rare gift in that he truly knows how to listen, I would unequivocally recommend to him anyone I know. For me, the highest compliment I could pay Kevin is that in addition to providing excellent service he also genuinely cares for the well-being of his clients.


I worked with Kevin for almost a year on a case, which he took over for me from another attorney. Due to me living abroad in Singapore, Kevin and I worked exclusively over email. Working with Kevin was incredibly seamless, even with multiple timezones between us. He asked all the right questions, communicated everything as it happened, and ultimately, Kevin won the case for me. I really appreciate his professionalism; I highly recommend Kevin and would absolutely work with him in the future.


I have referred many clients to Kevin Heaney over the past ten years and would highly recommend him as an attorney for handling criminal defense and civil litigation matters. He has the highest ethical standards, is practical in his approach to solving legal problems and produces great results for my clients.


Mr. Heaney is unlike other lawyers. I have known Mr. Heaney for almost five years. He has always spelled out for me the pros and cons and impacts of each legal decision. He is dependable, trustworthy, and consistent. And he cares personally about the welfare of his clients. These traits are rare in the legal profession and make Mr. Heaney a special and trusted lawyer.


In the summer of 2007, we lost two very close friends in a car accident just about a block from or house. The driver was hurt and intoxicated but alive. The passenger was hurt bad, and he died before reaching the hospital. I will never forget that day, June 12, 2007 about 7:34 p.m. I know this because the boys and I were on our way home and drove right up on the crash moments after happening. I do not want to get into a lot of detail, just know it was the worst thing I have ever witnessed.
About a year and a half later two district attorney investigators drove up to my door step with all these questions regarding the car accident and letters I had from my friend that survived. I was not very happy about their visit, it just made getting over the whole thing that much harder. I was not dealing with any of it very well, bad dreams, unable to answer the letters act. I answered their questions but would not go into detail, and very brief with them, or as they put it, evasive.
A week or so had gone by and they show up again, with more questions, and again answered the best I could. The next day the sheriffs, DA detectives and animal control show up with with a search warrant. They had me put my dogs in the bathroom and they gave me this paper asking for all the letters I had received from my friend in jail. I kept all the letters in one box, so it was easy to get to gather. They asked more questions and then left.
The following day I received a call from the DA investigator asking me to come done to the substation for a few follow up questions and get some of the stuff back they took the day before. So I go, and then they take me into a meeting room, and ask if I would like to have an attorney present. I was like what for; I asked why I am in trouble? They told me no, we just have a few more questions, and that’s it. O.K. I again answered every question honestly and to the best I could remember. They let me know that they thought they had everything that was needed. I was then read my rights and placed in handcuffs then asked to get in the back of a quad car that had been waiting out side.
They told me I was being arrested on the following charges: 1. conspiracy 182(a) (1) p.c. a felony 2.accessory after the fact 32 p.c. a felony 3. destroying evidence 135 p.c. a misdemeanor. Was booked and told there was no bail because of the seriousness of the charges against me. That was Thursday I was not able to get a bail until the next Tuesday.
Well let me get to the point, I was very lucky to have Kevin Heaney take my case. He worked hard long hours, very dedicated, truthful, and trustworthy. He listened to my thoughts and my input. I felt he truly cared.
My case was a little complicated, but he seemed to know what to do. We went to trial, with two separate panels of 12 jurors. I was found not guilty on all the charges. I am to this day very grateful for all that Kevin has done for me and my boys. If you have found yourself in a situation where you need legal help call Kevin Heaney, I know he will do what he did for me, dedicate himself whole heartedly to bringing about the best result for you.


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Peer Reviews

“I am proud to maintain professional and personal relationships with my former clients and peers.”

– Kevin Heaney

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Heaney has the legal skills and practical experience needed to excel at Criminal Defense.

Christopher Martens – Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Kevin is very well respected in the local community as a zealous advocate for his clients. I’ve known him for a number of years now and he does a great job.

John Corcoran – Litigation Attorney

Kevin is an excellent lawyer who really fights for his clients. I’ve had the pleasure of observing his criminal law practice for many years and highly recommend all charged with crimes to contact him for a consultation.

Aaron Bortel – DUI & DWI Attorney

Kevin is an amazing advocate! His dedication and understanding of the law is only surpassed by the way he cares about his clients. When Kevin walks into a courtroom on a case, you can rest assure that he will know the facts and the law better than anyone else in that courtroom! Consider yourself lucky if Kevin is available to take your case. A true gift to our profession!

Francisco Rodriguez – DUI & DWI Attorney

I endorse Kevin Heaney as a criminal defense attorney and civil litigator. I have referred clients to him in the past and they are always pleased with the results. He is thorough in his preparation, provides valuable counsel and is an effective advocate for both criminal and civil matters.

Paula Weaver – Estate Planning Attorney

I refer all my clients that require assistance and advice on criminal matters to Kevin Heaney. He has the highest integrity and I trust him to provide valuable representation and sound counsel.

Ryan Kent – Personal Injury Attorney

Mr. Heaney is always well prepared, knowing the facts of his cases as well as the controlling law. Mr. Heaney treats all his clients with respect and compassion, providing excellent service. Mr. Heaney is easy to work with and is well respected by members of the defense bar as well as by prosecutors and judges. A fearless advocate Mr. Heaney knows the value of a case and will always provide thoughtful advice. When only a trial will settle a case Mr. Heaney is never afraid to tackle the most difficult matters.

Robin Brennan – Criminal Defense Attorney

I am a personal injury attorney who has referred a great number of criminal cases to Kevin Heaney and also have actually worked with him on two different cases. His results were always great while his fees were always reasonable. Judges trust him because of his outstanding integrity. Juries love him because of his sincere and well prepared trial presentations.

Marvin Lewis – Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin is an excellent attorney who is well-respected in Marin County by judges, DAs, and defense counsel alike. I would, without reservation, recommend and/or refer a potential client To Kevin for any criminal related matter.

Robert Casper – DUI & DWI Attorney

I endorse this lawyer’s work. I’ve seen Kevin in court and know him to be an effective litigator.

Nors Davidson – DUI & DWI Attorney

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