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The Seriousness of Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a crime in or around Pinole, you owe it to yourself to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal justice lawyer in Pinole. You should have a defense attorney in Pinole who will aggressively fight to protect your rights.

Facing criminal charges can be anxiety-inducing, frustrating and downright stressful. Depending on the criminal offense (e.g., misdemeanor vs. felony), you could be confronting the prospect of jail time, sizable monetary fines, the loss of driving privileges, the loss of voting rights, and so forth. In addition, if you are convicted of a crime, you will be forced to carry around the proverbial scarlet letter of “convict” on your record, which could impact your ability to secure employment, housing, etc.

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Why Choose Kevin Heaney as Your Attorney in Pinole, CA

Kevin Heaney is a respected and knowledgeable criminal justice lawyer in Pinole. In fact, Kevin is a seasoned trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience and a track record of successfully trying a wide range of complex cases. If you want a lawyer in Pinole who will work doggedly on your behalf and fight for your rights, Kevin is the attorney for you.

20+ Years of Experience

When searching for a criminal defense attorney in Pinole, you should look for an attorney with actual experience handling criminal cases and taking them all the way to trial. Kevin is such a criminal justice lawyer in Pinole. In fact, Kevin possesses more than two decades of experience defending people residing in Pinole and elsewhere in California.

Exceptional Client Service & Compassion

The Law Offices of Kevin Heaney is passionate and dedicated to client service. Kevin firmly believes that, in order to be an effective criminal justice lawyer in Pinole, you need to be personally invested in the outcome of your client’s case and compassionate about their needs and situation. This is why Kevin works with clients personally and fights doggedly for the outcome you need.

Full Legal Representation

Whether you are facing criminal charges related to drunk driving, assault and battery, drug possession, or any other offense, Kevin can help. For over 25 years, Kevin Heaney has represented clients facing various criminal charges in Pinole and across California. Kevin will work with you from beginning to end, being by your side from arraignment to trial.

Our Practices

Defense for Felony Charges

A felony charge in Pinole is generally considered to be the most serious criminal offense in California’s court system. If convicted, the penalties are typically severe, including substantial prison time, large fines, and a permanent criminal record.

Defense for Misdemeanor Charges

Even though misdemeanor criminal charges are generally less severe than felony charges, they still involve significant penalties, including large monetary fines, probation, suspension of personal or professional licensure, and even jail time. Specific misdemeanor charges, known as “wobblers,” could also be increased to felony charges, which would enhance the severity of the penalties.

Assault & Battery

Under California law, there are multiple types of battery and assault, including “simple” assault, assault with a deadly weapon, “simple” battery, and aggravated battery. If you were charged with any type of assault and/or battery in Pinole, you owe it to yourself to have a skilled criminal justice lawyer in Pinole who understands the nuances of the California penal code.


Drug Possession

If you are found to be in possession of a controlled substance or narcotic drug in California without a valid prescription, you may be charged with drug possession and could face imprisonment and/or large monetary fines. Kevin Heaney is an experienced defense attorney in Pinola who can help you fight drug possession charges, no matter how minor or major, and protect you against negative repercussions.


In California, there is a wide array of property offenses ranging from minor shoplifting charges to more significant and serious armed robbery charges. In each case, you should have a skilled criminal justice lawyer in Pinole who can deliver results. That’s where Kevin Heaney comes in.


In Pinole, a DUI or DWI conviction can carry significant, life-altering ramifications. For example, a DUI conviction can result in having to serve probation, pay a large fine, mandatory attendance in a DUI offender program, a suspended driver’s license, and even having to serve time in jail. This is why individuals in Pinole charged with a DUI need to be proactive in mounting a viable defense. This is where Kevin Heaney comes in.

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As a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer in Pinole, Kevin Heaney is ready and able to handle an array of complex criminal cases, including:
A full list of the types of cases that Kevin handles day in and day out is accessible here.

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If you are in need of a top-notch criminal justice lawyer in Pinole, then contact the Law Offices of Kevin Heaney. When you retain Kevin, you will have a smart and fearless advocate by your side every step of the way. Kevin is an experienced defense attorney in Pinole who has a track record of getting results for his clients. Kevin will work tirelessly to secure every advantage possible for you through cutting-edge strategies and techniques to meet the needs of your specific case.

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Here’s what clients had to say about Kevin Heaney’s work
Kevin did an amazing job. He turned a nightmare into a really manageable situation. Without going into detail, I was facing some complications due to my record that would have made for a lengthy and grand problem. He was able to get it mitigated and really came away amazing, compared to where we started. Worth every penny and more. I feel that the work he did was more than commensurate for what he charged me. I will use him in the future and I would recommend him to family and friends.
Amazing honest and efficient lawyer! Kevin knows the ins and outs of the criminal system. He is the definitely the guy to have on your side. I won’t go into the details of the case, but my brother got involve in a domestic violent situation and we needed a good Marin lawyer that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg to take his case. I was referred to Kevin by a friend of mine. I noticed on the initial phone consultation that he really wanted to help. We were able to work out a very reasonable price for the handling of the case, so we hired him. Kevin worked hard since day one, and he got my bro a very good deal with the DA. Our family is thankful to have hired him.
I contacted Kevin when I needed legal representation in a case which I felt required a high level of client service and representation. He was always right there for me when I needed him, whether it was showing up early for hearings, to the individualized attention I received at the courthouse, and having private meetings in his office anytime, as often as needed without any rescheduling. Kevin approached my case with care and made me feel comfortable as he took the time to thoroughly review my case history, explain my options to me, and was readily available and responsive when I had questions or just needed to talk to him. He treated my case with genuine care and attention it deserved and my case results certainly reflected his strong personal and professional attributes. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Kevin again if the need arises.
I received the best possible outcome by giving my case to Kevin Heaney. He fought for me the entire way until he got my case dismissed! I have never come across a lawyer that cares so much about his clients or what happens to them. His rates are very affordable and he is open to negotiate the numbers. It is clear that he wants to help. Kevin knows his stuff and he is on top of it. He is also very personable, kept me in the loop of things throughout the process and always returned my calls and emails. I am grateful and lucky to have found Kevin. He is a true professional and knows how to get it done.
I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on getting Luis Correa’s case dismissed. You were very efficient and with minimal stress to Mr Correa. He had full confidence in you and you made it very easy for him to put this case in your hands. The fact that he only had to meet with you a few times and only able to provide you with minimal information he had on his case was a blessing that you were able to get the case dismissed! You know your stuff! Thank you once again and Mr Correa is very pleased with the outcome and can get on with his life without this case over him.

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