Marin County Criminal Attorney- When Should I get a Restraining Order?

There are some situations that come up during life that require a restraining order. We understand that anyone put in a position to get a restraining order is probably experiencing a host of negative emotions. If someone is posing an immediate threat to your life or well being call the police right away. This article will discuss what a restraining order is, when to get one, and how a Marin County criminal attorney can guide you through the restraining order process.

What is a Restraining Order

Restraining orders are often brought up on shows or TV so most people have an understanding of what they are and what they accomplish. In principal a restraining order is a court order barring an individual from doing something; such as making contact with another person. The order can prohibit that individual from coming within 500 feet, visiting the subject’s home, or visiting their place of work. This can provide a huge ease of mind. There are many situations that would require a restraining order.

When to Get a Restraining Order

Many individuals would benefit from a restraining order if they’re in a tough position. The most common situation arises from domestic violence. A restraining order can prevent a domestic violence pattern from recurring in a relationship through physical separation, and is often a good remedy if things do not improve over time. Victims in Marin County must remember they have a local domestic violence hotline available to them at 415-924-6616.
The other situation requiring a restraining order is stalking. Plain and simple, if someone is being stalked, they can seek a restraining order against the stalking individual.

Bottom Line

We realize that the situation requiring a restraining order can feel dark and frightening. Remember to call the police if you are in immediate danger. Also remember that you can reach out to the local domestic violence hotline if you are in Marin to seek immediate advice.
Acquiring a restraining order requires an experienced Marin County criminal attorney. Attorney Kevin Heaney is available 24/7 to hear your situation and swiftly employ any legal tools available. Feel free to contact us today.